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Senior developer with I.T. experience involving many different applications, database and web programming projects using various tools and back-ends. Have been involved in all aspects of product lifecycle, including application and system design, database creation, and application componentization and implementation. Familiar with agile and more traditional waterfall development lifecycle approaches, design patterns, code reviews and current best design practices.


Seeking position in a creatively challenging environment where I can utilize my various coding, design and architectural skills and make a difference in the lives of people by creating great applications and systems. 


  • Programmer (C#.NET, C++, VB.NET, ASP.NET, WPF, XAML, WinForms, Java, Web, Perl), Project Leader, Architect.
  • SOA/Corba background using WCF with .NET, SOAP, in the past using RMI with Java, and DCOM.
  • Custom website creation work with ASP.NET, C#, Javascript, Silverlight, MySQL, Php and Perl, web site setup and design from on IIS (Windows) and Apache (Linux).
  • 20 years of experience in IT.
  • Extensive database design background as a system designer and analyst with a variety of engines (MS SQL Server, Oracle, Informix, MySQL).
  • Client-Server and Multi-tier platform experience with several platforms using large scale Database back-ends with front end windows applications.
  • Work on Windows UI Shell using C++ and COM.
  • Active-X and COM component creation with ATL, utilization of components from high level languages and C++.
  • Extensive socket work designing custom TCP/IP communication components, SMTP and related protocols work.


LANGUAGES: C#, VB.NET, WPF, XAML, ASP.NET, Visual C++, Perl, Java, PHP, .NET Framework, Javascript/DHTML, XML, XSLT, Visual Basic/VBA, Visual Foxpro
DATABASES: MS SQL Server 2008 R2, Oracle, MySQL, MS Access, MS Visual Foxpro 
WIN32: GDI, ODBC, COM, ATL, Active-X, MFC, WINSOCK, TCP/IP, Entity Framework.
PLATFORMS: Windows, Unix (Linux, BSD)

  • WPF, XAML Applications, Silverlight, WinForms Applications
  • Java, JDBC
  • Perl (CGI & Administration)
  • HTML/DHTML, JavaScript, CSS, ActiveX, Webclasses
  • ASP, PHP
  • Dreamweaver MX, Visual Studio .NET 2008, Expressions Design/Blend/Web, misc other tools
  • MS Enterprise Library
  • Test Driven Development


  • Project Leader
  • Architect



Main dev for Microsoft Windows Component Website working for the Windows Internal Tools Team, using ASP.NET, AJAX.NET, C#, Sql Server 2008, “http://compcentral”.  Creation of various custom WPF and web tools for Windows Engineering.  Worked with javascript and Ajax to add cool behaviors and mechanism to this highly used engineering-centric website used by Windows Org to track ownership. 


Work on COM interfaces in shell UI redesign for Windows.  Work was in C++ using build scripts and idl, man files, custom COM components.


Work on various rich client tools using C# for Windows Engineering with Sql Server back-end.


Design of BCD boot editor software for Windows usage using C# and WMI.

Dev Lead and architect for Hilton's internal Restaurant and Catering website, a redesign from scratch with C#, Sql Server 2000, .NET 1.1 while working for Blue Square Studios (Hilton software contractor.


Extensive Perl work to create extensive lookups for SBOE Appeals Database while working for SBOE in AZ, using Perl, dbi, win32::odbc, creation of custom Perl libraries.

Porting of SBOE Appeals Entry application to .NET from Foxpro. Rewrite of large sophisticated entry application from Foxpro to C# with backend of SQL Server.


Java work for Maricopa ISD modifying custom property size application used by the county assessors for property valuation calculations.

ASP.NET Web Work of various kinds. Creation of new web lookups and port of existing lookups to C# and VB.NET using ASP.NET.

Misc DLL and COM objects for specialized tasks over the years using Visual C++, Win32. Some of these include:

  • COM Socket class for socket communications.
  • FTP incremental and receiving DLL's functions (porting to COM).
  • ATL TreeView Active-X Control for FTPBackup application.
  • Open source project contributor to SAWZip COM Zip Control ATL/COM Project.
  • GDI Print Routines DLL for sophisticated color labels with text rotation, background coloring and custom shapes.

Massfile Utility - MFC, Dialog based App. Electronic filing utility using MFC, allows property agents to file large bulk filings to protected FTP site using WinInet functions.

SecureSock - Large Chat Program with customized servers using MFC/Visual C++. Chat program I wrote, somewhat similar to icq but with security, utilizing threading, complex tree controls, multiple users per client, busy modes, incoming sounds, etc. 

Work for Maricopa county ISD creating web entry screens for Oracle back-end.



Sept 2011 – present – The Scooter Store Inc., New Braunfels TX 

Senior web developer modifying a custom web-based intranet sales tracking, verification and reporting enterprise application, for a large personal health/mobility distributor company. Modified custom web pages to use Ajax service based mechanisms with web services using C#, .NET 4, Visual Studio 2010, and MS Team Foundation Server. Substantial back end work with Microsoft Sql Server databases, tables and stored procedures. Extensive use of css and jQuery and advanced web techniques with web 2.0 coding. Team employs scrum and latest project approaches and design mechanisms in a cutting edge environment.

Feb 2005 – Sept 2011 – Microsoft Corp, Redmond WA 

Software Design Engineer 2 at Microsoft Corporation.  Main responsibilities over my MS tenure included being the main client and database developer for internal windows component ownership site (
http://compcentral) that tracks ownership information on Windows Binaries, Sources, and Components using Visual Studio 2008 and ASP.NET 3.51. Work involved creation of many custom controls (server and ascx controls), business logic layers, sproc and database integrations. Extensive usage of AJAX.Net in component website, usage of Web Services with Ajax, custom Ajax control creation. Extensive knowledge of IIS setup with IIS7 and beyond, beta tester of Windows 7. Also created several custom UI tools for Windows team using WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) and custom controls, and newest WPF mechanisms, including a redesign of the Localization process tool and a UI interface to a Bug Transfer tool using new WPF CTP Grid and other custom controls. Experience with integration of WCF back end components with ASP.NET website, familiarity with LINQ, latest C# mechanisms such as Generics, LINQ to Sql classes, etc. Experience with and utilization of Design Patterns in projects. Usage of Enterprise Library application layer. Also created a sample project released in SDK for Vista in C# relating to programmatic modification to new BCD boot store. Worked closely with PMs on delivering leading edge UI experiences for Windows team on web and rich client architectures.  Recent work on the Windows Shell using C++ and COM for various UI modifications to newest version of Windows.

May 2004 – Feb 2005 - Blue Square Studios, Scottsdale AZ 

ASP.NET programming with C# using Sql Server 2000 to create websites and web services. Project lead for port of Hilton's intranet food and beverage site from linux, php, mysql platform to ASP.NET, C#, Sql Server 2000. Redesigned core database schema for content as well as site navigation. Created custom controls and server controls to handle a fully dynamic site with custom text content (training information) and database driven dynamic content (chefs, recipes). Server controls included specialized menus controls, content controls of different kinds (text, image), and extensive use of Repeaters and DataLists to handle database driven content. Also utilized ASP.NET web forms controls for data input and CMS modification. Usage of Sql Server 2000 with Data Access Application Block. Created sophisticated custom rich client windows app NTD piece for recipe/chef CMS modification, as well as Web based CMS utilities to handle content changes. Web services creation for interaction, XML mapping and translating of remote .NET XML service to cold fusion web application running under Java (essentially a middle tier service connecting and translating between two sites). Use of WSE 2.0 technology in web service design.

Dec 1997- May 2004 - Arizona State Board of Equalization and AZ Maricopa County Information Services Division. 

Application and web/database programming. Long term consulting work with a small state agency covering several different responsibilities, and some work for Maricopa County Information Services also. Various work areas include: 
Port of existing systems to C#.NET, VB.NET using .NET Framework. 
Port of sophisticated entry and reporting system from Foxpro to C#.NET, VB.NET and MS SQL Server 2000. 
Port of web queries to ASP.NET . 
XML Web Service work using .NET to allow remote usage of new appeals system. 
Visual Foxpro Customized Database Entry Application modifications. 
Substantial rewrite to existing buggy Foxpro application adding in new screens, adding new tables, new reports and fixing existing bugs.
Visual C++, COM and ATL object design. 
Created MassFile application, a specialized dialog based uploader using MFC for large petition filers, also created a DLL version of the same.
Creation of custom Active-X components for specialized tasks from Visual Foxpro, like a treeview control.
Creation of sophisticated off-site FTPBackup utility to help the backing up process.
Creation of customized COM objects and DLL functions to specialized win32 processes, including FTP Sending, SMTP socket sending (for mailer utility), printer default changes, printer GDI+ routines, etc.
Web/Database live content and site redesign. . 
Site redesign and facelift with substantial enhancement and extensions.
Live database lookups added to site (perl, php).
Automated emails tie into key database scheduling and decision processes.
Scheduling: automated emails integrate with web site lookups and confirmation screens for hearing officer scheduling. 
Oracle, Java work on a property drawing application for Maricopa County. 
Porting to newer version of Java to help with bug forces.
Removal of archaic Corba piece and replacement with RMI and fat client data integration.
ASP Online Property Tax mods for Maricopa County. 
Creation of online property tax filing ability for Maricopa County Web Site using ASP and ADO. 

July 1997 - Sept 1997 NIPF (financial company) Consultant 

Short term contract for financing company using Clipper, Visual C++. 
Customized Clipper (xBase) application modifications and reports.
Wrote file translation utility in Visual C++ 5 to port PCL language generated reports to RTF format for easier viewing.

February 1997 - May 1997 Alcone Marketing Group Consultant, Irvine CA 

Visual Foxpro work for marketing group, form creation, reports creation, existing and new applications. 
Designed and worked on custom applications for vendor labeling systems, customer tracking systems.

January 1996 - December 1996 BTEK Software, Phoenix AZ 

Visual Foxpro work for software subcontractor.
Primary designer and project leader for large educational studio management and scheduler application.
Designed data tables and indexing, gained familiarity with Microsoft SQL Server, T-SQL, index optimizations.
OLE automation/VBA work with VFP and Excel to create specialized charted reports for a Phoenix hospital.

May 1993 - November 1995 Misc Consultant Work, Los Angeles, New York 

Graves Systems, financial company
Development of advanced information tracking system for information research firm using Foxpro 2.6 for Windows.
Some work with TradeStation and other financial tool software.

Mass Mutual, continued consulting work for previous full time employer 
Created practitioner change database and entry system with specialized lookups and authorization/rerouting logic to track entries.
OWL work with Borland C++ rewriting/updating File Viewer Utility, including Windows API work.

Great Western Bank
Development of advanced information tracking system for information research firm using Foxpro 2.6 for Windows.

Wrote custom HP reports using PCL language directly.

Jan 1992 - April 1993 Benefit Panel Service (BPS), Los Angeles

Clipper and C++ programmer for medium sized insurance company in Los Angeles. Application programming with some design and analyst work.
Project lead for a major rewrite of the Claims Processing System a complex, mission-critical application, working with Clipper 5, adding on object oriented framework and classes to a procedural based system.
OWL (Object Windows Library, early windows framework) work with Borland C++ creating a custom File Viewer Utility to allow for fast selection and insertion into xBase tables from large DAT data files.
C work with ESQL with Informix, client server usage of Unix.

Jan 1991 - Dec 1991 Factor Fox International, West Los Angeles
Programmer for a telecommunications company, involving various assorted Foxpro and Clipper and C work. 
Created an order/entry scheduling software for calling system with specialized reporting and writing of an Employee Sign-In/Timeclock program for Personnel Department.
Statistical testing of large data sampling for phone company billings comparison.
Lead for Project comparing operating speeds of Foxbase, Clipper, and Codebase C for possible port of main application to different language/environment. 
Novell 386 network backup LAN administrator.

Jan 1990 - Dec 1990 Tate Systems Consultant

Programmer for small programming contracting agency specializing in Foxpro/Clipper work.
Various jobs modifying custom systems from companies including: 5 Dollar Clothing stores, Paramount X-Ray, KBIG Radio Station, and others.
Several modifications of SBT Accounting Software projects.

Jan 1989 - Dec 1989 Misc Companies Consultant 

Continued work for existing clients and other consulting work during this time.
Foxbase+ continued work doing accounting software modifications for previous employer (Designer SwitchPlate, Fort Wayne Indiana).


1988 Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA. B.A. in Classics. 
Undergraduate Scholarship, Stanford, 1986-7, 1987-8 
Technical coursework as undergraduate: Assembly Language for 68000, Calculus, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra (I like math as a kid I was somewhat of a math prodigy)
National Merit Finalist 
Microsoft internal training classes in Asp.Net,, and Managed Debugging 
Microsoft Sql Server PASS Conference Attendee
Microsoft Design Patterns Training intensive course
Microsoft TwC Engineering Conference, various classes

Design Methodology Training for Latest Microsoft Design and Development


References available upon request.